Rebel Jam teaser

VANS rebeljam 2011 – Teaser from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Rebel Jam 2011 looks like being the event of the year, Andy Zeiss is down with flatland, and its awesome that this year they test out flatland and bring it into their unique contest format! Andy had this say…

“Bmx is so diverse – we want to cherish all aspects of it and give riders with a special riding style a platform to compete. A guy with amazing style but with a lack of hard tricks might never end up on podium. Other way, a rider with crazy hard tricks, but with less originality neither. All dudes normally get judged overall. So we break that up to the new format. Well, not really new – we started with it in 2005 at the first rebeljam. Park, dirt and street riders love the format!”

Any pro rider can enter, pro only!
Most of info is on the website.
We have two floors, 125m2 each – one comp floor and one practice.
3 or 5 judges, MC and DJ!
Pro purse for flat only is 5.500€ / breakdown till 8th place in all three categories.

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