13 thoughts on “Red Bull athletes train with Cirque du Soleil

  1. Dear Mr Catlow, that’s your website of course but thanks to not inflict the Redbull’s story telling on your readers, thank you very much in advance

  2. HERE, Redbull is just telling stories coming from nowhere with all that “story telling” marketing stuff ; what is in THAT video it’s not about flatland, it’s about talking how “cool” and “awesome” a brand is, and the stuff created and showed with good editing HERE is coming from… nowhere.
    It’s not as trash as the reality TV is sometimes but that’s the same schema, and that’s deceitful.
    Energy drinks compagnies are doing well for their bizness, that’s not the point, the point is that a Key Opinion Leader as you is giving exposure to these brand today with THAT empty thing. It’s a little bit disapointing if that doesn’t matter for you, sorry.
    I don’t have a problem when Redbull’s riders post THAT video in their blog or facebook page coz that’s their job to promote the brand.
    I don’t have a problem when you post a video about the Circle of Balance coz that’s almost only about flatland (and I find that’s awesome to find good flatland in your great website!!)

    • @hibou – I see what your saying. But from my point of view every so often I post stuff that goes under the “lifestyle” section. It might be the hardcore type of riding used to, I like to show all sides, its a different side of the sport we don’t see. For me its interesting to see what Red Bull did with their athletes, and there are riding clips on this edit, its like theres none.

  3. …I am really surprised by what you just wrote and by what you find interesting to see there but whatever…
    Still, congrats and respect for that wonderfull website!!! (even if I really dislike 0.05 % of it)

  4. For what it’s worth, if I didn’t see this posted on FM, I wouldn’t have seen it. I don’t follow the blogs of other riders in the same way I check FM.

  5. @Hibou I will explain you what this experimental camp was about: athletes, bboys and performers from Cirque du Soleil cam together to make an experiment and put a shot together. Maybe in the future you will see Flatland in big shows as CDS, but keeping alive the Freestyle spirit of our sport and no the “robot” way of performing of a Circus.
    Besides that we had the chance to meet Freestyle Master Rodney Mullen who told us wise words about Freestyle and how to keep a long career. Ucchie is 30 years old and I amd 32. We want to keep on progressing and riding, meeting Rodney who is 47 and still skates every night from 2:00am to 5:00am is a great inspiration.
    As Flatland riders we do tones of shows, therefore increasing our “acting” skills to connect with the public, loose the stage fear and improve our performance is just an amazing opportunity!
    I hope you understand that this wasnt an empty video, at least it chaned my life and way of seeing riding! and Red Bull is not like any other energy drink, it s part of the culture of small sports like BMX Flatland today.
    Thanks for reading!

  6. @Viki, i could obviously imagine the benefits for participants like you, I don’t think that’s bad FOR YOU to do these kind of stuffs because meet people (specially like Rodney Mullen) and experiment new stuff should be a life’s objective for everyone.
    You and all the others sponsored riders were filmed during that stage with CDS, and Redbull made a video with all these images. That movie is here to promote the brand, and only that, and I wouldn’t need to explain you how Promotion and “Story Telling” work = I said that is empty because the non participants (like me and all the people who watch the video) don’t learn and don’t experiment something that matters. Watching that video is like watching Reality TV ; that is watching stories generated from nowhere about people who lived something completely unusual and sometimes unnatural because they were placed in unusual or unnatural situations. That “story telling” stuff keeps the people entertained in a fallacious way only to have them thinking how cool brand(s)/advertiser(s) are. Sorry if I learn you today how it is from the other side.

    BUT my point is really not here ; I said it in my second post: I just feel that’s not the duty/job/mission of Effraim Catlow to give exposure to Redbull with THAT movie because that is what’s happen. There is a big difference for me between THAT video and Circle of Balance video : the main subject, and when it really worths it (when there is 95 % of flatland!) I am glad to find it in flatmattersonline to watch it, even if there are redbull logos on the video.

    On a side note, I feel really happy for you if you could have live something that was funny and beneficial, because I love to watch you riding and progressing (Nora Cup for you was well deserved btw!), even if I hate to think that stage happened for a promotion purpose.

    And no, Vicky, no, I am not sure we all can see redbull as a part of the culture of BMX. Your opinion, if that’s one opinion, is biased by your position.

    CDS already included flatland with Rob Alton but maybe it was not as big as you want. I Hope to see flatland again on CDC anyway!!

    tks for reading also!

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