Red Bull Circle of Balance Final 4 Battle!

Incase you missed it yesterday, here its the final battle with Jean William Prevost, Matthias Dandois, Hiroya Morizaki, and Viki Gomez! Amazing times for flatland! The long trip home starts in a few hours! More updates when I get home….

If you missed the livefeed heres the link to watch it again:

8 thoughts on “Red Bull Circle of Balance Final 4 Battle!

  1. To the casual fan, it would appear that Viki was the only one who has his act together…the rest was a flail session, more or less…lots of sketched or missed tricks/combos…oh well…

    • The energy during the whole contest was amazing! Couple of amazing battles that stood out for me, Dom vs Dub, need to watch that again! Hiroya killing Ucchie, how many people can say that! And the final battle, Viki’s steam kickflip to halfpacker lacing two kickflips in one combo was dope! Flatland wins!

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