4 thoughts on “Red Bull Flat Jazz vids

  1. Here are four guys simply having fun riding their bikes. Two are from France, one from Japan, and one from Spain if I'm not mistaken. Different cultures, different beliefs, different religions, presumably, but all enjoying being in each others company, all supporting each other, and connecting through one love…flatland. Let's keep this site about flatland and leave religious statements of belief elsewhere.

  2. cool. Ucchie's frontflip out of bar ride is sick ! and now Viki Gomez wears skinny jeans like everyone of them. haha trend changes

  3. Honestly I thought the Flat+Jazz idea sounded corny at first, but I was surprised to see it turn out really cool (ok maybe not "Come Together" LOL). That circular wood floor looks amazing! Everyone looked really amped on the whole thing too.

    The last video of Matthias's spinning half-packer and Alex's crazy combo were awesome.

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