Red Bull flow combo repo part 2

View from the top of Wilhelm the great monument as the regional flags are giving to the riders, spectators packed the area as the contest began, friendly vibe, the clouds were dark and looming as practise came to an end.

Sevisual Tom in the house, super cool to hang out with Tom a little bit this weekend, from Koblenz, he will travel down to the fieldcontrol contest in Portimao Portugal this coming weekend with the Carhartt trip on a road trip filming at different locations on the way.

The regional teams was a great concept by Andy and Frank, good friendly vibe between the riders, made for an enjoyable weekend.

Germany would not be Germany without Mike S, dialled as ever, pedalling timemachine during the practise, his team with Sascha Haydeman (Hamburg) ended up in third place.

Hanging out with Martin from Global-flat is always fun, sadly we don’t get chance often, this weekend was good chance!! Good times!!

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