15 thoughts on “Remember Ralf Maier?

  1. wauw.. the oldschool style and tricks are sick! Effraim, you have ridden a long time right? and if im not wrong, you were also one of those oldschool riders? what is you opinion about the level of the kind of tricks being made/pulled today comparing to then? flatland is changing as the time goes by, but the oldschool tricks are timeless?
    whats your prediction on oldschool VS newschool? looking at the level aspect. i think personally that old tricks are sick as hell! or does that come because it is new to me? (as a ''newschool'' rider) hope you understand my question, you know the ''timeline'' in flatland better:)

  2. Whoah lot of questions Navid. firstly yes Ive been riding hell of a long time, 27 years and still going. I don't see myself as old school/new school or anything like that, i've just loved riding the whole time, and certainly picked up diff styles and tricks along the way.
    I dont really have a prediction, other than "refinement", i think thats where its at right now, refining your combos, taking out the non essentials, improving your technique and execution of the tricks, than in itself can be a new trick. For sure a lot of the old tricks are timeless, and can be brought forward, tweaking lil things here and there, thats part of the in "freestyle", its how you take the old to the new.

  3. I really liked that fire hydrant decade to foreword rope-a-roni. And the stubble duck steps to switch stick Bs and undertakers. Scott Powell and him had some similar ideas/combos. This vid got me thinkin. Thanks for postin!

  4. Hate the term old skool really it's all riding just progressive skool most modern tricks or combo's have elements of older tricks whiplashes,hitchiker,backpacker,hang 5's,Rolaids,Whoppers, etc etc ,that term " old skool" is a musicical term from the street soul/rap/hip hop/b-boy days i mean in theory it's all freestyle to me.

  5. wow, that was pretty mint.
    Makes me want to by one of them twin top tubed Subrosa's…and put on some brakes!

    I vaguely remember this fella…
    Does he still ride??

  6. I believe he doesnt ride a great deal know a days but is still involved in the media side of things, Ralf published a bmx book few years back. He is always at the masters and what not each year. So still around on the scene.

  7. suitably stoked, thanks for the post, and I don't think riding changed overnight or there was a line in the sand but nowadays I don't think its so good to name a trick, as J Forde said a couple of weeks ago "flatland now is not like learn this trick or that trick its more like like blurghghgh !" he he loved that comment

  8. I love seeing all the all the various original decade/peg to peg/undertaker/smith combos – I never got as far with those as I wanted.

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