Remember this: Chad Degroot 2000 Props ad

This ad was and is still amazing, just saw this on Chad’s facebook. Is there 2010 version coming I wonder?

9 thoughts on “Remember this: Chad Degroot 2000 Props ad

  1. Best rider ever – hands down. His rolling undertaker to inside no handed stickman on the pedal was the most amazing trick I have even seen in person to this day.

  2. Hopefully we will see more of Chad degroots flatland skills in the future a great all rounder ,loved his Baco stuff.

  3. I remember when I was on the Haro team with Chad, his trick repetoire was unbelievable, that props ad summed it up Chad could do all the heavy hitters trademark tricks without breaking much sweat… unreal rider.

  4. Totally agree primarily he is known for his flatland skills but his street skills are equally as impressive pretty sure he still rides flat just not as much but a Baco boxset would be nice Chris Rye you know i’m right ha ha.

  5. the Dylan worsley stuff is epic howard, loving it, brings back lot of memories, back to Chad though, he brought so much to flatland, i bet hes still going off now, you just dont see much of him about.

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