Remember this? Dope Ammo!!

This video was insane back in the day, and still I watched this today and theres parts that are killer today, and parts where you are left thinking wow that particular trick hasnt progressed much at all? Andrew Arroyo blew me away on this video, so smooth, junkyard glide to death truck,hang five step around to halfpacker, eons ago…Puente xft coasting frontyard?? people only just doing that now…Classic Jones,Gouin, Brandt footage, this stuff is golden.

This is one of Peter Olsens contributions, keep an eye out for more blasts from the blasts in the next coming week or so.. Let us know what you think..

5 thoughts on “Remember this? Dope Ammo!!

  1. Dope indeed! I never saw this video back in the day, so thanks for sharing. I liked that single-double-triple decade combo (Chase?). Bring brack the triple decades!!

  2. Not the original music by Ministry etc but hey still rocks Andrew Arroyo at Golden Gate park so damm smooth ,Gabe Weed ,Geoff Martin crazy spinner yeah i’m gonna watch it in full later have to dust my video player not used it in years on the subjects of Ells Watsons video’s a boxset would be nice very nice .

  3. Classic video!! So many good parts I wouldnt know where to start, shame its the original music but never mind, a boxset would be amazing for sure!

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