Remember this: Level Vibes

Definitely a golden period in Uk flat, and I missed this one, out in the states at the time, Martti killed Level Vibes, the Uk had loads of contests, Easter jam at southsea, Urban games, KOC, Level Vibes, Sam’s jam in sawston, the Uk flat website, so much good stuff went down in this period. Pros visiting such as Martti…What are your memories from this period of time..

3 thoughts on “Remember this: Level Vibes

  1. Certainly do remember this me and Dave in the background there watching Marrti the first time i'd seen him ride amazed ,i rode practise but mt axle snapped i do remember that i entered 98 Level Vibes came 3rd stoked ,fun days and the vibe was really cool.

  2. During this period martti destroyed the competition, I've said it before and no doubt will say it again, he brought his own tricks to the forefront.. Three x games medals, ground breaking video parts, machine and artist all in one.

  3. I remember Sam pushing me off in the funky chicken contest – what a git. Happy days. Mr White needs to resurrect it.

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