Rennace Tomko – Battle in the Rockies

Back to AM class BITR video contest, check out this entry from Rennace Tomko! Respect to all the AM’s that entered and are busting out for this chance to win a free flight to Denver in November, this is being fiercely contested right down to the midnight deadline last night!

One thought on “Rennace Tomko – Battle in the Rockies

  1. Stick -b stubble ducks to cross inside ,carving ice creams !! Rennace RIPS on his bike ! Saw this cat just ATTACK the floor with his furious combos @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , couple months ago……I told him …..ummmm….dude , you’ve BEEN ready for the PRO class……upon receiving ANOTHER FIRST place in Expert class , haha. I like this older B.I.T.R. enrty edit . Always stoked to watch Rennace shred on his bike @ contests / jams . Stubble ducks are so dope to watch to me…….wish I had em on lock , haha.

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