Repo: Dosmilvoces Madrid Contest

Video: Viki Gomez
Text: Morgan Peckosh

Basically this was the first contest in Madrid for flat and maybe for street…. ever. It was held in a Squatted warehouse called La Traba that has been working on ramps in the building for more than 4 years. A guy we call San Jose (Saint Jose) built us a flatland surface for the contest.

All the riders in Madrid (there are now more than 15 of us that ride regularly) were represented, along with riders from Huelva, Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona here in Spain. Adam Kun and Tom from Sevisual came from Hungary and Gilberto Enrike (Tito) from Panama came to ride. Missing of course was Moya who is in France studying or something.

The classes were Amateur and Pro. The Amateurs had one 2 minute run. The kids that have been riding for less than 2 years kicked ass and showed us that generation number 5 of Madrid flat is going to blow minds. Respect!

Amateur was won by David Carmona (Monkiki), who pulled all his tricks. Hijacker, crackpacker to backyard jump. steamroller to backpegs, cliffhanger to messiah without touching the bars. Second place went Santi Notario with all his backpeg tricks and jesse style round the worlds. Third went to Marc Viso from Barcelona with his cool spinning style. Special shout out to Jose Manuel from Huelva for busting out old school for the crowd! Cherry picker. Bouncing tailwhips, frontwheel hops on the frame. He and Viki had the most cheers of the night…

The pros were supposed to have two 3 minute runs, but as the contest was pressed for time, they only had one, but it didnt matter because everyone was happy and Vikis run was the last and it kind of was a killer climax anyways. The Pros were Tito from Panama, Andrew (watch out for his new plastic pegs) from Zaragoza, Fernando Bayona (who is one of the most long time riders of the Madrid scene), Miguel Tardio, Guelo, Thomas Noyer, Adam Kun and Viki. Tito was sleeping up until his run started and woke up towards the end. He does some hard ass back wheel tricks on the pedals and has some crazy ideas like wheel chair to back peg wheelie. Watchout for his signature trick the chickenkiller which you wont see until it is perfected and trademarked. Bayona is the guy that puts in a lot of time riding with younger riders and he is kind of a staple of the Madrid scene. He pulled his sideyard links and also a tailwhip to backpeg wheelie. Andrew does some hard pinky to steamroller switches. I think everyone knows the rest of the riders from videos. You can always see that Thomas Noyer is a really awesome rider and his links are super hard, but the floor was pretty bouncy and there wasnt a lot of time to practice because of so many riders so he had a hard time with the floor. But definitely an amazing rider and he helped us sweep the floor which is always admirable. Miguel Tardio pulled his long flowing front wheel rolls, Guelo had a hardtime with the cold but still pulled some good back and front wheel switches. You could put Guelo in a snowstorm and he would still ride amazing!

Adam was very sick (as in he had a cold) the whole weekend so he wasnt in full force, but still pulled all the typical adam switches like back peg half whip mccircle and of course half cab to whopper.

Viki didnt win because he is from Madrid, Viki won because he is smooth, stylish and his tricks are hard as hell! Final trick was the typical backpeg switches and turbines ending in a pedal time machine. Everyone went nuts and everyone was screaming. Flatland is well respected in Madrid so everyone that was at the contest was watching and losing their minds.

The pros won money and some sweet hand welded Axle Nut trophies than San Jose made. The ams won parts and also trophies. The contest was an amazing mixture of sponsors and blood and love. The money for the pros came from the door, red bull brought in the Hummer Sound system, parts came from all the bike shops in Spain. There wasnt free food or drinks for the riders, but all was at a reasonable price and there was even Paella cooked by a Five Star Chef that is also a rider!

We hope to have more contests within the year and all are welcome to come check out our ever increasingly awesome scene.


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