Repo: Ruhr Games Day 1



A few weeks ago I received a nice message from Michael Steingraeber asking if I would like to judge the Ruhr Games contest in Dortmund, Germany. I eventually got a nice flight price from Southampton which is closer to my house than London gatwick or Heathrow. So it was a yes and here I am.

Yesterday was the first full day here in Dortmund, Germany. Micjael was kind enough to pick me up from Dusseldorf airport around 30 minutes away. The Hotel set up is dialled, the event is invitational only. The Ruhr games is a multi sport event, with BMX flatland, Spine Mini, Skate Street, thrown in the mix with mountain bike and motocross too. The location is amazing, we are set up right outside the famous Borussia Dortmund football ground, I shot a few photos yesterday from the day, which was mostly practise with two chilled shows thrown in for the crowds. Prelims and semis are scheduled for today: for now enjoy the photos:

Markus Reich, halfpacker.



Stoked to meet up with German flatland legend, Andy Menz once again. Andy used to kill it for Dragonfly, turns out it’s been twenty years since the last time I saw him. Andy is taking care of the Mic all weekend here at the Ruhr Games.


Good to see Dez Maarsen in the mix this weekend!


Mid day and the Germans crack out a beer, and carry on riding. These guys know how to do it! Good times!!

Location, location! The Ruhr Games is one dialled set up!

Dustyn Alt was on fire for yesterday at the contest spot.

Dominik Nekolny, all x’ed up!

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