Repost: Martti Kuoppa: Boss Compilations

Martti Kuoppa: Boss! from rjs on Vimeo.

Martti Kuoppa: Boss! 2.0 from rjs on Vimeo.

It’s hard to believe these edits are two years old already. Ron Seay, who is a Martti fan, put together these two edits of some of Martti’s clips from one of the most progressive times in flatland history. This is well worth looking back, so many concepts and fresh styles still to this day!

10 thoughts on “Repost: Martti Kuoppa: Boss Compilations

  1. the repost of this fantasctic and eternal clip is an occasion for me to send a request to whoever is enough talentend (Dominik? Mathias?) to throw the following link :

    xfoot crackpacker switch to xfoot opposite crackpacker (same as Martti and Dom do with xfoot hitchikfer but in one move)


    xfoot guillotine switch through crackpacker to opposite xfoot guillotine all in the same move (Martti did the link, but not everything in one move)

    I dream to see this banger come true.. sorry guys for the long post…

  2. Pure, raw, creative, progression of a master. This is the heart of flatland by the man that carried the torch and was on the front lines for years. He led the way.

    • @Brandon – so true!
      @Pete Hollinger – Funny how you mentioned Martti and Ron Seay then sends in those two edits for a repost. 🙂
      @Alex – Pretty sure Martti already did and documented the switch xft crackpacker pivot to regular xft crackpacker, I remember the clip leading up to it was switch xft crack pivot jump to crack and you could see what was coming. He may well have done the guillotine request also…..

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