Respect: Justin Miller!

Terry Adams brought Justin Miller back into every flatlanders thoughts this week, with a rare interview, here is the first time many of us in Europe saw Justin live back in 2004, what a run, check the combo at 1:11. and check that crowd! Needless to say Justin swept the competition aside?! 🙂 Bomb then, bomb now! Respect!!!!


6 thoughts on “Respect: Justin Miller!

  1. This would hold up today and win hands down ,there is no better comp rider than Miller ,even if he rode for fun or entered now and then like Meyer etc would be cool,commitments happen when we we're older but boy i would be stoked to see him riding again and a few others as well, top man.

  2. But this run didn't win. Justin got 3rd behind Akira and Travis Collier. I think he got ripped because nobody knew who he was.

  3. You misunderstood my sarcastic tone Matt…., Akira did have a banging run, I judged this one and remember we had a tough call, it's seven years ago, but I think it came down to repetition and originality, I also think Akira suffered in the afterpath of this contest. How can Akira win? He can ride well….
    Whatever the case, Justin made his mark forever, and that alone is something to be proud of!

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