Review: ART Issue 5

Review: Effraim

I’m somewhat late reviewing this issue of ART, being that the new issue is already advertised on the site a few days ago, but whatever, I’ll keep this review short and sweet.
Issue 5 is dedicated to lesser known riders, but equally deserve the coverage as the top pros, within the bmx media it’s very easy to get in the “trap” of covering the same guys all the time, so I this issue of ART was an awesome simple and “overlooked” concept.

So what’s in this issue?

-Issue 5’s editorial is one of the best pieces of writing i’ve read recently in a bmx publication, Chase Gouin talks about the difference in old and new school mentalities, which does for whatever reason seem more vocal in flatland circles. “My best advice is to give equal credit to all riders who have contributed to our fine creative sport and to hold valuable that every generation has given.”

– Big article on the Bmx industry in California – Flatland related Interview with Zenta at Quamen, amongst all the other bigger brands and players (S&M, Volume, Cult, etc)..

– 6 page feature on “The dark riders” with great photography of Aleksi Ritsila and Toon by Kai Kuusisto.

– Diego Tejada has a sick 6 page interview, great to see Diego get some much deserved coverage, until this video I didn’t realise Diego is on S&M, so you learn something new everyday! The interview discusses his travels, his love for flatland, where he wants to take his riding, his bike, S&M flow, with cracking photography by Davis James.

-The Milan Flatland scene has a 4 page article, which again like the news on Diego, was news that there were even riders there, this is awesome! With great interview with some of the best riders in Italy (Benjamin Ramirez and Michael Piccolo).

Like I said this review is short and sweet, in summary it is awesome that in this day in age, ART continues to cover flatland, and cover it well more importantly. I’m still amazed by the quality of the magazine, seems more like a coffee table book. One thing is for sure, the magazine seems more diverse than it was under the “Cream” label, and that means more readers, more interest, more advertising, and a future.

Good job Alain and the ART crew, really looking forward to Issue 6 with interviews with George Manos, and Dominik Nekolny (who is rarely interviewed!)


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