Ride BMX’s best of 2009 compilation

Quite timely with today’s debate about flatland being involved in the rest of bmx, great edit!!

8 thoughts on “Ride BMX’s best of 2009 compilation

  1. Really sweet edit, didn't expect tp see that much flat involved in it, really psyched on that! The old school to bar to manny to 180 bar Garrett did at the beginning was immense!

  2. A surprise to me was no footage from the worlds, fat went to most of events though…Martti's rolaid would have gone down a treat here. So much good riding, I agree with tj's comment on global flat about the flatland looking boring against the ramp/park/street riding, i think this is what the rest of bmx/tv see..

  3. The rest of bmx/tv see this because to them flatland looks like circus tricks everyone wants to see big,burly and dangerous riding ,i think the public in general find it hard to understand flatland to them its very alien and they would not know a hard trick from an easy one.

  4. This is a great video, and I love that Fat Tony has included some flatland in this video, even though he catches a lot of shit from the readers of Ride for flatland coverage. He KNOWs flatland is part of the BMX game.

    Street/ramps will always look more impressive to the audience, but having ridden everything over the years, I can honestly say flat is the hardest thing you can do on two wheels. Not taken anything away from street/ramps, it's just you need way more practice to perfect flat riding.

    Love it all.

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