Riding forever: Jesse Puente vid

“Riding forever”, FM gives props to guys that have been around forever, and are still busting out, and pusghing the artform side of flatland. First video, is from Jesse Puente, one of the most creative flatlanders ever.
Rad dad at Bmx freestyler just posted a video of Jesse Puente busting out at Tex’s Pirate jam, December 2006. Pay respect to these older dudes still busting out, creating, and most of all having fun being artists.

Jesse Puente at the Pirate Jam from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

One thought on “Riding forever: Jesse Puente vid

  1. jesse is the man, so good 2 see the older riders still goin , motivates me to keep on , not that im gettin old, ;-]

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