Sad news to wake up to today, BMX Plus just announced they are closing their doors after 37 years in print. I spent a good portion of my childhood and teenage years reading collecting every issue of this magazine, up until this day BMX Plus always covered flatland better than anyone else. RIP BMX Plus and thank you for everything!

“After almost sixteen years at BMX Plus! which is about to turn 37, I am very saddened to say that the magazine will be officially closing its doors. It has been an amazing ride for me, from growing up reading the mag, to being able to run it for a decade and a half. It has been an honor. Hats off to Hi-Torque Publications for supporting the magazine based on a pure love for the sport for so many years. I am bummed we couldn’t bring you at least one more issue, but I am proud of all the content we have been able to bring to the sport. Our main focus now is to ensure the archives live on and that the public can continue to benefit from the history BMX Plus! has dating back to 1976. Thanks to all the fans, readers, staff, riders, contributors and companies that have supported BMX Plus! all these years. I never dreamed I would be the one sending it off but on such short notice, I am kind of at a loss for what to say. Enough angry emails may be enough to get a digital version of the final issue released, but either way, this will be the last cover. Special thanks to Chris Arriaga for hanging in the final years and former Editor Adam Booth for teaching me all I know.”

Ben Crockett, Editor.

7 thoughts on “RIP BMX Plus!

  1. I too collected this mag growing up, they meant a lot mainly cos I felt part of something ( I know it sounds lame) .I miss the days of a new mag in your hands . R.I.P BMX PLUS

  2. Sad news but the inevitable. Print is dead wether you like it or not.
    Grew up on plus and have had the honor of being in its pages a few times.

    Much love and good luck to the people that work there.


  3. Bmx plus was literally the mag that got me personally hooked on these wonderful little bikes. I hope some good can be made from the print publication evolving into something still, that can inspire like it did bitd.

  4. i used to finnish school take a bus for 20mins to see if it was in…then ten or so years later i as in it from cali days.really surreal for me.a boy from a glasgow ghetto.r i p bmx plus

  5. Damn… I mean, you kinda figured it was going to happen eventually with media being what it is nowadays, but it was still fun walking into my local shop and picking up an issue now and then to see what’s going on. And yeah, when other magazines became too cool for flat, BMXP held it down with the comp coverage and pics. Glad I still have my classic back issues to reminisce with… RIP.

  6. Thanks BMX Plus! Back in the Fall of ’86 the boys and I had three or four magazines that we filtered through daily, and they got us through a long winter. After that winter, subsequent issues were our life line to the flatland world.

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