4 thoughts on “RIP: Derrick Cottrell

  1. I rode with Derrick & his best bud Tim Backus mostly in the late 80’s. We were all on the same Trick team together (The Granite State Trick Team).
    Derrick an expert rider, kicked major ass in the King of the Flatland series held in Manchester NH for many years.

    Derrick was the most down to earth, likeable & humble kids you could ever meet, still can’t believe he was taken from all of us.
    Riding was imbedded deep into Derrick’s heart, I’m sure if he was with us today he would be a well-known influence in the Flatland Community.

    Derrick was killed back in 1993 after being stuck by a police car as he walked across a street.

    Thanks Effraim for putting this up!!

  2. such a talented rider. i remember hearing the name in the magazines but this is the first time i’ve seen footage of him. such a tragic waste to go like that. the gravestone is amazing and a fitting tribute to him. R.I.P.

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