Rob Ridge rules!

Every so often you see a park/street edit where you see flatland starting to get serious into the street/park tech world, here is one of those edits! man this is good! Yes Rob!

10 thoughts on “Rob Ridge rules!

  1. my god that was incredible , undertaker tyre taps ,tech galore if there's a better tech/mini ramp etc rider out there i'l eat my hat,seriously, watching this one again.respect 🙂

  2. the running jump to bar ride was nuts! that whole video was out of this world tho, I really like the mix of flat and tech street. man he's good!

  3. @ 1.36 …….360 tail tap- UNDERTAKER ……….on a SPINE !!!! This is the kind of bmx riding that only a few elites can muster , hahaha. Rob Ridge is from ……….mars , haha.

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