Rob Ridge – Standard Bykes Greatest/Latest/Favorites Volume 2 Intro’ (Pt1of4)

I am a few days behind on Rob Ridge’s four part Standard series, I’ve said it before so will no doubt repeat myself, but screw it! Rob is one of the best to ever touch a BMX bike, and truly went his own path and developed his own style and took the technical aspect of mini ramp riding with a front brake further than anyone I can think of. Respect!

One thought on “Rob Ridge – Standard Bykes Greatest/Latest/Favorites Volume 2 Intro’ (Pt1of4)

  1. Been following this dudes RIDING since he was riding a Brick House bikes type looking stem in 2003 !! Truly , an ELITE rider COMPLETLY heaving / pushing / elevating the sport upward AND beyond in the technical / creative side of transition riding ………………..personally …..I don’t think he receives a FOURTH of the recognition / acknowledgement he DESERVES ! NO ONE is doing his sh–t at ALL ! Rob seriously reminds me of a Martti Kuoppa of transition riding ……..being that he NEVER stops creating AND progressing his riding, RESPECT ! Not to mention he seems very HUMBLE ! Keep doing it YOUR way Rob , ALOT of us are STOKED on it !

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