Rodney Mullen – How to Use Pain to Become the Best In the World

Every so often I like to showcase a video or article outside of the flatland world that has parallels back to what we do on the daily. Rodney Mullen has always been a source of motivation for me personally since I saw him skate at Southsea Skatepark, and in this particular video he talks about how he digs deep and keeps pushing what is possible and impossible. Fascinating and inspiring to say the least, everyone needs to watch this.

11 thoughts on “Rodney Mullen – How to Use Pain to Become the Best In the World

  1. Listening to Mullen when he describes doing things for the sake of it always reminds me of the parallels between Skateboarding,BMX, Hip-hop, Jazz and Hardcore. All of this domains were things people pursued with incredible drive, fortitude and creativity even when the potential for monetary/material gain from them was limited to none existent. It’s always hard to explain to outsiders, why you would do a band, learn a trick or fight to master a craft, when you knew before hand that it was never going to make you a “rock star”. It is sad to think that so many people will never know how great it can feel to accomplish something for the “love” of it and the sense of personal satisfaction that only that “love” can generate. Money and fame can provide you a lot of things, but you can’t by joy. Mullen is an institution!

  2. Well said all. I’ve long said that if I cared what the kids in high school thought I was doing, was weird or not the ‘in thing’, I wouldn’t still be doing it into my 50s. So, of course I can relate to doing it before there was chances, to be able to gain $ or product.

  3. This interview is soooo inspirational , 30 min of life insides.
    We need more people like this that show , If you speak from the heart the message you spreading will have his full effect to inspire other people.
    thx for posting it E

  4. I absolutely agreed with what he stated about trophies. He doesnt want to reflect on the past; but to keep moving forward to see what he can No one rides flat for fame or money, as that would be pointless. It’s all about the love, and the personal progression. As motivational speaker Les Brown said, “Used to be’s don’t make no honey” (referring to those who always brag on what they used to do, but now have become stagnant).

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