7 thoughts on “Ross Smith – 1993 BS Finals

  1. That one footed elephant glide whiplash hasn´t been touched yet has it? Seems like something the Heresy crew should have explored by now.

  2. Ross will always go down as one of the best to ever do it in my opinion. Yes as far as I know the bar hop jump lashes are pretty untouched, I believe in qualifying he did a single to backwards decade, it wasn’t in his finals run so must have been qualifying. Absolutely insane!

  3. Ross’ style is timeless and so good. I remember seeing earlier footage of him riding back in the day and being blown away.

  4. Ross is amazing and so humble! 15+ years ago, I saw him here in Cali in Modesto of all places (with Mutt?) pull a triple straddleroni blazing across 4 side by side tennis courts. By this time he was doing triple rolaids as well. Godlike.

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