Ross Smith – Tribute

Ross Smith – Tribute from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

Adam Guild is on fire right now with some great edits, and today we have a special “Tribute” edit rightfully put together for one of the best to ever touch a BMX flatland bike, Ross Smith.
If you don’t know the name, and even if you do it’s well worth a trip down memory lane and think about all he’s done, sit down grab a drink and marvel in the depth and difficulty in Ross’ combos. Let’s talk about this one in the comments section..

20 thoughts on “Ross Smith – Tribute

  1. So ahead of his time, and yes, one of the best to ever ride flatland. What struck me this time was he’s prolly got better brake control than anyone, ever.

    But then his brakeless nose wheelie at the end!!!

  2. “Ross Smith one of the greatest of all time”
    I seen him do a triple rolaid!! And if I remember correctly he told me he has done a quadruple rolaid shit that was over 18 years ago .
    Sincerely, Eric Emerson

  3. I was lucky enough to be at the NoMoPro jam and meet Ross and to witness that last nose wheelie in person. That is a great flatland memory of mine! Won’t forget it!

  4. Been my favourite rider for a long time, a similar mix was posted up some years back but it’s awesome seeing some new clips mixed in there!

  5. some amazing old stuff I have not seen.. Locomotive to decade with the heel, barhop whiplash whip jumps, and whip jumps the super hard way with peg foot first.. nuts!

  6. Hands down the best video that has been posted on this site!
    Another quick note that all the tricks he’s doing in this video are harder than 90% of the comp riders today !

  7. I’m not suprised that Ross seems to be ahead of his time. Great viewing and it’s probably why Chase rated him in the top 10 riders he’s seen. This is the most I’ve seen of his riding. Now I appreciate it even more. I agree , his difficulty’s probably harder than the comp riders of today.

  8. Ross Ruled….Cool to see a better version of the no handed one footed hang five…I had seen a tiny clip of that before right at the end of a video…So many moves i wish people would think about and incorporate today instead of spin spin spin….

  9. I always loved the walk overs…… triple…….Too me there seems to be far more variety than today…..So many techniques and different usage of the bike

  10. This is awesome. Ross Smith is one of best of all times for sure. Straight line forward rolling techniques like the ones excuted by Ross are not very popular these days since contests have become more of a show for a crowd than a place to provide a venue for the advancement of flatland riding- all styles of flatland riding.

  11. A couple of things… If you filmed any of the 80s or late 90s stuff, let me know, I can add your name in the credits list using “Replace Video” this supposedly keeps the original link and statistics. Second many of the videos I post are either reported or taken down by Vimeo or Youtube..I have had several whole pages of stuff removed. Glad everyone liked this edit..Thanks to Ross for the riding.

  12. …and always in tight jeans. lol. I rode, more like watched in awe, with him and mutt bitd and he was/is unreal. amazing rider. anyone know what he’s up to nowadays?

  13. Wow. I just saw this video after looking up Ross and found all these great comments. Ya see, I hung out with Ross back in high school and we were good friends. Used to go to Six Flags together and watch the BMX show they had. I still have his Kuwahara ET frame he sold me. I loved to get in touch with him, God it’s been 30 plus years!! Where is this dude at??

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