Ruben Castillo – Lifers

LIFERS – episode 4 – RUBEN "R-DOG" CASTILLO III from Hippie Josh on Vimeo.

Great interview edit by Hippie Josh for Episode 4 in the Lifer Series with Ruben Castillo where he talks about growing riding pre internet, riding with his brother Robert, and a while lot more. This is awesome and well worth your time watching!

5 thoughts on “Ruben Castillo – Lifers

  1. Great interview, mad props to you Ruben for keeping the spirit of riding alive and being an inspiration. i’ll never forget you telling em that “flatland is the fountain of youth!”

  2. These interviews with the old cats who still shred are inspirational for this old cat still trying to shred. Rad Dog and Easy E. Classic radness.

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