Ruben “RDog” Castillo – TACO’s Jam Interview Oct 6

Shawn White flew out from San Diego to Austin, Texas recently to interview flatland legend, Ruben “RDog” Castillo! Hit play for a great interview where Shawn and Ruben talk about about competing in the 80’s, 90’s, the GT/Dyno days, getting the cover of fresstylin’ and the modern day. This is awesome, sit down grab a cuppa and learn some history right here!

10 thoughts on “Ruben “RDog” Castillo – TACO’s Jam Interview Oct 6

  1. best shit I’ve seen in a long long time. Shawn, I’m going to selfishly ask that you continue with the interviews – this was crazy good.

  2. I stopped riding in 1990 and back again in 98,which means I missed a lot of important things .lol..but this is one of the biggest.I really dig this dude,and his riding,but knew little of the significance.This was fantastic,I am stoked,and a little better aquainted with flatland than ever because of this…..and yeah,now I am going to find everything possible online about the Castillo brothers.Thanks Effraim and Shawn and R-Dog!!!

  3. Watching this entire interview last Thursday really got me F-KN STOKED ……..Great job Shawn / R-Dog on both duties ! This is exactly the kind of interview that I love . Plenty of rad , thought out questions / answers , sprinkled with the past / present and the future of the rider being interviewed . R-Dog , hell bruv , Ive looked up to his innovative riding since 1987 , when I first got to see him ride, live ! Shawn aka , Mr. Bizhouse bikes couldn’t have done a better job …….not to mention Shawn RIPS on a bike also . One of the most dope riders reppin Brick City , their bmx scene ! The Taco bmx jam looks to go down as an epic jam / event for the history books , RESPECT ! Ruben combos in this were SLLLAAAAAMMMMED , Ive BEEN wanting to see those combos for some time now !

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