Ryo Katagiri wins Fise World UCI Flatland World Cup Round 1 in Hiroshima, Japan

Just got done judging the Pro finals at the Fise World UCI Flatland World Cup here in Hiroshima, Japan. Congratulations to Ryo Katagiri who had the run of his life to take the first place position, Ryo was followed by Matthias Dandois and Dominik Nekolny in the third place spot.
You can watch the whole show above, or the top three runs below.
What a contest!

12 thoughts on “Ryo Katagiri wins Fise World UCI Flatland World Cup Round 1 in Hiroshima, Japan

  1. Super SEEEZZZZZZIIED OUT …….aka , VERY original , technical , rad contest riding from Ryo ! Ive been waiting to see this run , after first seeing his riding @ last years Cologne Masters , I was stoked on his flow and the variations that he just cruises through during his links , like the crosswalk -pivot to ice cream he does ! Well deserved / earned victory for him , hell… watching bits n pieces from all the competitors @ F.I.S.E. , looks like everyone threw down some hammers in Hiroshima ! Thanks for the day to day updates Big-E , well appreciated mate , SALUD bmx flatland !

  2. Matthias switching it up ……….steam ,butter slip to bars SMALL spinning /no handed half packer …….I love little details / changes like that in links , shows diversity / variety . The new pedal Saturn spin was dope as well , Yeeaah F.I.S.E. !

  3. Lee’s right E, the judging was really on point. Especially given that you can watch it all back, scrutinise it as much as you want and then still agree with all the decisions.

  4. I’m guessing some may think Dom has been doing the same links. But for me, I can see the little changes, positionally with pivots and as we’ve all seen how dialed he is. His difficult level’s up there with others and great to watch to. Good for you Dom.

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