Saga No Run 2018

We are in the height of summer contest season, it’s always a good day when I come across fresh Saga No run contest footage. Fumiya Kanna, Yoshihiro Taka Nishikawa and two others I can’t identify go back and forth in a no run format battle, at 16 mins long grab a cuppa, this is a good one from the Japanese underground!

5 thoughts on “Saga No Run 2018

  1. These comps are fun to watch, pretty fast paced, lots of surprises (maybe cause I don’t know most of the riders and their tricks?). They’re pushing themselves and the positive attitude even after crashing a trick is cool.

  2. Great footage. I recall screaming at a contest many years ago watching Matti Rose’s run, such was and is my passion for flat. And it seems to me watching past Japanese events, just how much they’re so passionate about flat, as is this 1 to. I just wish a lot more countries would be as stoked on how great flat is. Who knows, maybe when it’s seen on the Olympics, the world we’ll appreciate it more. And this just triggered my memory. We rode in a parade and won best entrant for sports category. Before the parade started there was these Grid Iron players giving us not so pleasant looks. In the end we won and listening to thousands of people chearing us on was a memory I haven’t forgotten.

  3. better than flatark..the judges are bias shit. no doubt -1st place.france..2nd place france 3rd place(if ur being loved)…

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