Sakis Doumas – Leglassion

Sakis Doumas has been killing back wheel pedal tricks for years, hit play to check out this latest edit “Leglassion” dedicated to the memory of his father. Look out for the switch foot pedal mega spin to gerator on pedal at 1:26, and the bar grab two footed backyard jump to pedal coasting backyard around the 2:51 is so good, powerful styles from another Greek shredder. Greece is blowing up at the moment, make sure you don’t miss this one!!

* For all of you that can’t watch Saki’s amazing edit!

19 thoughts on “Sakis Doumas – Leglassion

  1. Yo,guys thanks for the nice words,it seems that because of the music i chose its not available in some countries..Riders from germany are telling me that cant see it and i dont know from which other countries…i think it is going down soon…please let me know if it doesnt play in your country..regards

  2. Sakis,

    Wonderful. That was great riding. I have always wanted that long coasting pedal dumptruck but never got it to work. The jump to the pedals is insane. And to do that in the backyard too, excellent.



  3. Thank you again everybody for the nice words,i spend many many months to control those tricks and 2 months just to film them,except the white bike that is 1 year ago and i do that stuff for years.cheers ride on

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