Sakis Doumas – Master of Creativity 2016

There are tries from zero point to make each reality thats why i wanted to put some of them in this video to remember what happened at those 3 rounds and i added some bonus combos from warming up.

MOC 2017 is about to get going, hit play for a sick edit Saki Doumas put together documenting his progression in last year’s contest.

“I was doing everyday yoga during the last round.This helped me to be flexible and strong to avoid injuries.
Also i am wearing 2 pairs of shinguards and one pair of kneepads for the last trick,which is my most difficult trick ever.I believe it cant be rolled more than 3-4 meters as you balance it only with your back and with no help from the feet.
My dream is to roll it out clean so i will work it this year.
For me flatland is about having fun,meet new friends,travel,and be yourself,i try to push my riding style through backweel pedal tricks as i think there are a lot of positions that are undiscovered.
Thank you.”

3 thoughts on “Sakis Doumas – Master of Creativity 2016

  1. @ 26 minutes !! Sakis just leaping to both pedals , rolling the fudge packer , as if it were EASY ,knowing it has to feel impossible to roll that position on a bike! It still bugs me out him rolling / turbining the back yard roll …NO HANDED @ 5.oo minutes ,also . This whole edit STILL rules ,even today ……..and the last trick ……..THATS what M.O.C. is all about ! Sakis gets the job done at all costs , MACHINE !!

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