Sam Foakes – 2nd Place / UK Flatland Championships

Last year, Sam Foakes made his return to the contest scene with a second place finish at the UK Flatland Championships. This year, Sam was much more focused on his riding and had two great runs, his second one in particular pushed Dom Nekolny hard for the win.

4 thoughts on “Sam Foakes – 2nd Place / UK Flatland Championships

  1. So good , Foakes in the mix , shredding his stylz in comps…..again ! I still like going back , watching his battle runs from that 2008 K.O.G. when he was aboard the orange K.G.B. frame , well……I think it was a K.G.B. frame , haha. That and his EPIC run @ a Circle Cow comp , I think that same year . His pendalum backwards back packers , MID- LINE , those ridiculously controlled coat hangers , etc ,etc……..ALL his stuff is stupid hard and will continue to hit HAARRRD @ ANY contest ! Thanks , Big -E for these runs , really stoked on em . Flatmatters !!

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