Sam Foakes – 2nd Place UK Flatland Championships + Interview

In typical style, Sam Foakes took us all by surprise showing up at the UK Flatland Championships this past weekend at the Cycle Expo, Harrogate, Yorkshire.
After a few years break, Sam has made his comeback to the contest scene and he came back in style to take the second place spot. His style is still the same and there are no compromises in his riding style at all, preferring to fall off rather than pump the tyre. I had a problem with copyright on the music Sam rode to (a Hospital Records track), so my apologises for the lack of soundtrack in his run. The sound returns for a short interview with the man himself after his run (I think James and Sam thought I was taking a photo hahaha), I hope you enjoy this one. Welcome back Sam!

15 thoughts on “Sam Foakes – 2nd Place UK Flatland Championships + Interview

  1. I am so excited about this – my favorite rider is back!

    Can’t wait for a new edit. When I got a chance to talk to Effraim in Colorado in 2014, I was one of those annoying guys asking for the secret info – is he still riding? How often? What kind of bombs are in the works? Is it true that he can walk on water? Why hasn’t he answered my prayers?

    You know, that kind of thing.

  2. Your not alone Brandon hahahaha I get asked a lot mostly via messages. More seriously its great for our scene here in the UK that he is back riding regularly.

  3. Hello there Effraim! It is so good for the sport and the UK that Sam Foakes is back. I just want to know if he will be returning for sure or he just went to the contest and thats it. Effraim you have to tell to the people out there to sponsor him. He is a good athlete and rider and can give a lot to any brand. Thanks!

    • From what he said in the interview, he will ride when he can and there is much more to come. He has had a few very busy years with th birth of his child, it was great to see him back on the contest scene. Stay tuned.

  4. Ironically, I got the same impression about Sam, that he seems humble. You know when you meet someone at times for the first time, you get an idea of the person. Although I haven’t met or know him personally, that’s my impression. I think it’s great to know someone over a period of time. Not to forget, he’s a great rider, at that to.

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