Sam Foakes at the Green Mile!!

Sam at the mile used to be a regular meet up/session, now with his job with British Cycling, it is a rarity! The last time he rode there was 14 months ago to give you some idea…Time flies, a year ago Sam was competing for the World Circuit title in Tokyo Japan, winning the masters, nass…During that 14 months Sam has of course still rode, and refined his riding almost completlely, his new direction of not pumping at all was fully complete yesterday, “if I pump Im stepping off, it means the speed wasnt right”… Considering he doesn’t get to ride full time anymore, i was blown away yesterday by his riding all day, in parts argueably he was riding better than ever, just in it for the love. I found there was something quite pure about that and motivating. Photos don’t really do his riding justice, but here’s a few anyway, keep a look out for level vibes promo for the visual…, enjoy!!

Looooongg stalled out no handed halfpacker whip..

Generating speed out of a backwards spinning halfpacker is not easy, Sam took off down the mile after this!!

Backwards whip to fury of halfpacker spins and pivots..

Classic foakes facial hahahahaha

2 thoughts on “Sam Foakes at the Green Mile!!

  1. Definitely Howard! No pumping between tricks makes his riding flow so well, using turbines and any of his switches for speed means everything has to be perfect, and especially hard at the mile…

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