Sam Foakes flatland youth provision project

This is great for the future development of flatland…

6 thoughts on “Sam Foakes flatland youth provision project

  1. This is Chris Massey's project and he deserves full credit. It is the most positive thing I have seen for the development of flatland in the uk!

  2. This is really encouraging to see and know having a positive fun outlet like riding which can help kids into doing something for themselves not turning to crime which is rife everywhere nowadays .But a project like this can really teach youngsters about self discipline and to use their minds into something more creative props to Sam Foakes and Chris Massey for their hard work.

  3. We have around 60 members with approximately 10 riders turning up per session. Some have a mess around and have some fun, whereas others try that bit harder to learn some moves. The best kid is Ashley. We have funded cycle coach training, first aid and CRB clearance for him and he now works with us as a coach. Ashley is busting super fast turbine McCircles, megaspins and dome other dope stuff.

  4. Forgot to mention, props to James Needham and Sam Foakes who have supported the project by putting on demos, talking with the kids, donating bikes and coaching new talent. Both have provided invaluable support to High Rollers over the past 2 years. Peace!

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