Sam Foakes flatmatters exclusive!!

The Last couple of day Sam Foakes has been in town, yesterday we shot a couple of clips, this is the first, Sam like he does every time he comes here, learnt a new switch, and dropped into this combo! Enjoy!!<

6 thoughts on “Sam Foakes flatmatters exclusive!!

  1. Heavy combo no doubt, love the backwards whip catch direct to crack turbines, so hard! Thanks to Sam for doing this for Flatmatters! More to come next week..

  2. crazy, so many good riders in the uk now , just awesome, wos tryin to explain to my mates last night how i can spend two years tryin to learninside turbine hhikers and not be bored at all, they were just baffled, lovin flat so much right now,me goin ridin right now! come on ward and upwards! yessir

  3. Good to hear your motivated cunners! King of southsea end of august, finishing off flyer I'll have it up here soon, hope to see you there! Get the session on!

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