Sam Foakes – July 2010

You may or may not have noticed via the site I am posting a lot more exclusive stuff. Today I rewatched this crazy clip I filmed with Sam Foakes in July 2010, that somehow seven years on still seems as cutting edge as the day we filmed it. Absolutely amazing!

9 thoughts on “Sam Foakes – July 2010

  1. Banging!

    Any news on Sam? Last I heard was his bike got stolen; did he ever manage to find it? Or get a new one?

    Flatland misses him.

    • Sam was at the UK Champs last year in September and said he was riding a bit. He finally got a bike set up after getting his last proper prototype stolen.

  2. He was on such a completely different level than everyone when he was on the scene. If he’s still into riding and doing his thing somewhere out there, I can’t even imagine what he’s throwing down now. Seriously, where do you go from the stuff he was doing back then??

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