San Francisco Trip: Day 1

Yesterday was a long day of travelling to San Francisco from London Heathrow for my second annual trip out here to ride with Pete Brandt and hit up the One Love jam down in Newport Beach, So Cal.

This time round I had a morning flight to SF, and landed at 1:55 in the afternoon into San Francisco International Airport. Thankfully, I didn’t have too wait too long at all getting through customs. Last year, was three hours to get through the customs line.

Bottle, a SF local and one of Pete’s friends lives by the airport so picked me up and took me to the clocktower where the session was going down as always. The clocktower is situated in the financial district of SF, right on the Embarcadero.

Pete was of course ripping the clocktower spot a new one hitting a few switches I haven’t seen before and with so much consistency, the vibe here is like nothing else I have experienced where Pete shares the spot with a ton of skateboarders and street riders passing through showing love.

Flatland wise yesterday it was Pete & Bottle sharing the spot with 10-15 skaters that regularly rotate as they skate across the road at EMB. SF is pretty much known as the skate Mecca of the world, with Thrasher magazine here, Spitfire, Deluxe and a while lot more and the amount of legendary spots here it’s no surprise.
The Clocktower is a unique space for sure, with the general public and all the quirkiness that you would expect from a city such as SF.

This was a good chance to try out my new iPhone 11 and test the wide angle feature on there. I watched Pete ride for a couple of hours, and we hung out got a few beers and headed back to his house in Fremont on the BART train. It’s great to be back here in San Francisco once again, today it’s time to ride and cant wait to get out there and hopefully shake off this knee injury that has been bugging me for the last month or so.

Hope you all enjoy the photos and this short break down of my day, it’s time to build the bike up and head down to the clocktower for a session. Stay tuned for more updates from my trip and a small matter of the Flatmattersonline Year End award winners tomorrow!

– Effraim

3 thoughts on “San Francisco Trip: Day 1

  1. SLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMMED ,Effraim ! Already in the Clock Tower mix , eh ??!! Gracias for the update , was just waiting for it ! Hahaha , get that bike built , and get AGGRO with Brandt , you two exchanging some dope combos , campeon !!! CANT WAIT as the update commence …….AND ……the VICTORS of the FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM / YEAR END AWARDS -2019 !!! Please tell Pete ,hey and I HOPE hes touring with Robert ,returning HERE , to San Anto , AGAIN……. for the Stock Show and Rodeo bmx demos . They were all here busting out in 2017 ……its the FIRST time I met Brandt / hung out with him !

  2. Thanks Rodney! Stoked to be out here once again, love the SF vibes and riding with Pete everyday is just amazing! Recovering from swollen cartilage in my right knee, day 1 of riding went well yesterday. About to do the update and the awards as you mentioned, then head to the CT for a session.

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