San Francisco Trip: Day 3

Day 3 of my trip out to San Francisco, and it was basically more of the same of Day 2. In the morning there was a small matter of presenting the 2019 Flatmattersonline Year end awards. After publishing the awards, I took the BART down to the clocktower and arrived for a session at 1:30, Pete showed up right as I got there. But he unfortunately got called to work, so his session yesterday was a bit more chopped up than mine.

The clocktower was quiet yesterday for skaters, we still had the busker playing metal. Followed in the evening by another busker who sings “San Francisco, Bay Area” constantly on almost every track. The spot being quiet was ideal for a session, a little chilly but less wind. My knee still feels super stiff, so took me a while to get going yesterday, but once I got going I got in a groove and captured a couple of clips. If you check my social media you will see those.

Pete came back after finishing up work, and was chasing one of his new lines hard. Super motivating to see Pete is still going hard as ever, so consistent and still pushing his own riding every single day. Whether it’s riding all day, or even just a couple off hours he is already riding. His drive is unbelievable to see, respect!

We finished up the day having a few beers and headed back to Pete’s house for dinner. Another good day out here in San Francisco. Today looks like a rainy day, so we are going to ride his garage spot. And head out to the One Love jam tomorrow morning….

3 thoughts on “San Francisco Trip: Day 3

  1. SLLLLLAAAAAAAAAMMING some more NEW concepts @ the Clock Tower , eh Big-E ! Loving your ONE handed rebate exit , outta the ONE handed hiker juggler line , also your spinning Karl , stepped to spinning half hiker , TIMELESS / CRAZY dialed , PEDAL cowboy squeak bar flips , etc ,etc……..even with a botched knee ……youre STILL kicking out your progression ……LIFER / LEGEND / O.G. BMX rider STATUS , TIME 7 . Keep having a ripping holiday , mate !! WHAT IS UP ………Dowker ?! Cant wait to have a session with ya in the near future ! STILL stoked on the links you nailed on your bike ,the night 2-Hip bike company rolled through San Antonio for yalls summer tour , waaaaaay back in early July 2003 ! Your side squeak / staple gun -pivot-switches that you were pulling , MID-LINE …….EVERY combo , ALL night were SLLLLLLAAAMMMMED , indeed , my bruva ! Id love for ya to post some more of your riding these days …..I know youre on the road constantly touring with da boys / your business , buuuuuuut …..when ya get a sec …..POST a quick line on your F.B. , campeon ! Crazy you riding ALL night , that night WITH an injured arm…….from arm wrestling that one park rider in yalls touring van ! Hahaha……didn’t yall arm wrestle for like 6 MINUTES STRAIGHT ?! You won……..then rode with us that ENTIRE night , like it was nothing , hahaha………..

    • Thanks Rodney. Trying to shake this knee injury out of here. Ive got a lot of tricks to do!! Three days riding in a. row is progress, feel better each day. Heading to the One love jam today with Dylan and Pete, going to be a blast!

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