Scott Hagnas – 53rd Birthday Edit / 2019

One post today, and it’s dedicated to Scott Hagnas who just celebrated his 53rd birthday and is still progressing and learning new things up in Portland, Oregon. I grew up watching the Infection videos that Scott put together, and this year it was awesome to finally meet Scott at the One Love Jam. Scott spent this year working on tricks he never bothered to learn, and this 53rd birthday edit is dedicated to this. Really enjoyed this, and sure you will do too.. Happy birthday Scott!

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  1. Dude this rules! I’d love to still be riding and progressing on my bike 20 years from now. Don’t ever stop Scott. Its so rad being able to tell people there’s dudes out there in their late 40s and into their 50s still ripping, especially when they think I’m getting “too old for that” and I’m only going on 33. I have to explain and get the point across that flatland is a life style and addiction rolled into one. Props again! Thanks for riding. Happy B-day!

    • Thanks man! I still feel good on the bike, so not planning to slow down anytime soon. Keep on riding – you may have many years still to come! Btw, the time period I felt the most like I was “too old” for BMX was actually in my early 20s. It was a brand new sport back then and most guys moved on to cars or stereos or whatever by then. Funny to still be at it 30 yrs later….

  2. Happy Birthday Big Scott H.!! It is a real example of motivation for me, at 53th still riding!!! Just Amazing! Congrats!!!!

  3. That was awesome Scott!lots of cool moves and originality in the mix!I wish I can ride like you in my 53…thank you for the motivation and happy birthday man!

    • Giannis – thanks, that means a lot coming from you! I’m sure you’ll be far beyond me at 53… just keep the body working well and you’ll do it. Thank you also for the inspiration – I get stoked every time you drop a new edit – so much creativity!

      • Thank you Scott for your kind words,anytime mate!You take inspiration from my edits,I take motivation from your edits…you see that’s what I love here in flatmatters,its all about tricks and positive feedback without negative trash talk and bad gossip…keep on riding hard man,I’ll be watching.happy b-day again!

  4. I heard of a rider about 3 years ago & he was 60. He apparently was/is a good rider. Has anyone ever seen or heard of him? When l heard that, l thought if the body allows me, then I’ll keep riding. And that talk about getting cars etc, l heard that at 16 so l relate. Some of those people got into drugs & Bmx didn’t &, still doesn’t mean anything to them. I ran into some of them over the years & some are amazed that I’m still riding, some think it’s weird. But hey, l didn’t care at 16 & still don’t.

    • Speaking of riders who rides flat and unknown to everyone I’m pretty sure theres someone out there somewhere on this planet who can pull every single trick in this world plus the most original tricks in flatland that you would ever imagine…in few words,the best flatlander in the world is out there,somewhere alone creating like no one else…and he’s watching everything happening in flatland but he stays in the shadow…Tristan I know you love these mystery type talking,what do you believe about that???

      • Real riders just ride and ignore this stuff.

        Recognition isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be these days, flatland doesn’t get the attention it deserves in Australia. It’s personal achievements that makes it worth all the effort.

        Riding with friends etc… originality is a thing of the past, it’s the elite level of riders like viki Gomez and nick watts who are taking flatland beyond the pro level.

        Props for the inspiration guys.

  5. THIS…..SLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMZZZ , 53 , and STILL progressing / pushing your level , being original , etc ! Happy birthday , bruva !! I really dig all these moves that you recently been throwing down in the past 3 years . Your M.O.C. entries were dope ! Heaven knows what I would do…like eat a WHOLE peach , haha…..I HATE peaches , haha , just to be able to do your links from 1995 , 1996 , 1994 that were in EVERY Euthanasia Infection BMX video , part 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , AND 5 !! I SWORE by EVERY one of those classic videos back then , STILL have most of em on V.H.S. , haha. Dave Thom , Chris Eimen , yourself , Jason Brown R.I.P. , Jamie Macintosh , Stephane Royer , Toast , THE boot master , ALL you guys REALLY influenced the epitome of living the true BMX life style …….and you can see just what THAT kind of mentality did TODAY…….with THIS edit of you …….53 ..AGAIN , 53 …and STILL shredding , learning , pushing your riding as much or even more than in your 20s ! This REALLY makes my day , campeon . All your infinity roll , pivot , body varial , transitions throughout your links are so rad ………Im 45 now …and can only hope to be a fifth as creative on my bike as you’ve been from the jump , haha. SALUD , Scott . Gracias 4 da motivation for us ALL………..A 50s club bmx flatland contest ?!! Id PAY to witness THAT ! Tristan , Howard Avery , Shane Baptiste , Bobby Burge , Will Redd …theyre like 48 , I think ? ANY rider STILL busting @ 50 …….THAT would be some contest event !! Hope it DOES happen ..A.S.A.P. !!!

    • Hi Rodney! I’m sorry I missed your post somehow, but thanks so much, brother!! That’s awesome you have those old videos. Great times…. There’s actually a full Infection 6 that was never released (2007), maybe I’ll get that available sometime.

      Still having so much fun on my bike. In a weird way, these last few years have been some of the most fun on a bike I’ve had. Keep busting and you’ll be there at 50+!

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised at all Giannis. Today, tommorow, who knows, the person might even be a woman that’s possibly ripping it up, and in your country, but doesn’t have any interest in being known. And not everyone wants to be known, it’s everyone’s right to that. You think of Kevin Jones for example. I’ve sometimes wondered where and what he’s doing. I think l read many years ago that, he’s not interested in being in videos? And there’s probably many people who think, given he’s the ‘Godfather’ of flat, that he ‘should’ be making himself accessible to the flat community. But, as l said, he ‘doesn’t have to’. Yes, l and I’m sure, if there was new footage of him, many would love to see it, me included lol.

    • You never know. I always wonder what other stuff Kevin has come up with since he disappeared from videos. I once did see some clips of him back around 2007 that a mutual friend had filmed while riding with him for a few weeks. There was one trick he did that I had never seen, and still haven’t seen anyone else do yet… some sort of boomerang into a switch foot no hand hang 5 spin (I think, only saw it once 12 years ago).

  7. Happy birthday Scott, great stuff. Creation in Flatland is endless, we love it for that.
    I’m 48.75 (.75 is important when you’re close to 50 hahaha).
    Seeing your riding I’ll be joining the 50’s group with anthousiasm.

  8. Reading all the thank you comments Scott, and just acknowledging people’s comments is something l appreciate. In this era where etiquette has largely dimished, because many ‘can’ not use their manners, It’s great to see.

  9. Yeah, it’d be rad having a 50 plus contest. Imagine having a local Tv show showing it & the interest it possibly could get. I reckon folk would be thinking & saying things, such’s these guys haven’t grown up, to shouts of BMX BANDITS, which’s pretty much been mandatory to those that aren’t riders, but who cares, hey, haha! Then you’d have others saying, wow, these guys are that good at that age, l couldn’t imagine doing that at 35, let alone 50 plus!

  10. straight up! The truth has been exposed and one of our most loved riders has returned to ride with his flatland family, welcome back Karl, much love and respect for the man who gave so much to the sport around the world. Keep it up brother I got your back.

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