Scott Powell – Century Club 2013

century club 2013 from scott powell on Vimeo.

To document your progression in a journal?! Scott explains this one:

“Years ago I began a journal which documents my journey thru the freestyle world, including my personal progression. On December 17th I learned my 100th new trick/connection of 2013; promoting me into the “Century Club” for the 2nd consecutive year. I feel very accomplished by this milestone, especially since there are only a few riders worldwide whom I can think of that have reached this height. Here is footage of the milestone trick….
How high are your goals for 2014!?”

20 thoughts on “Scott Powell – Century Club 2013

  1. LOL @ the level of narcissism in that description.

    ok there scott powell : you’ve certainly reached this great height and you’re in this century club with this elite group of riders .

    hahaha. and seats scraping and bars scratching the ground on your tricks is sooo good. oh and don’t forget your rants about pumping – that was some really insightful stuff.


    I wouldn’t have commented if he had just posted the video without that description.

  2. Seriously? What kind of grown man measures themselves against others in terms of how many links they’ve learnt in a year? I find the whole thing completely bizarre…

  3. Sorry but this is bizarre . I can totally agree with Paul.
    I don’t get it.
    Total respect for the riding for sure.

  4. I think most of us werent sure what to think about this whole thing. I know in the earlier years of riding i would Learn Something new every time i rode but not anymore Now i get more satisfaction from a trick that takes forever to do. I wasnt sure if he has a big ego (which is fine). Or if he was just making a point that he likes to learn a lot of new tricks still, which maybe a lot if contest pros dont do too much. Different strokes for different folks i guess. I couldnt care less. It doesnt mean anything to say you learned 100 tricks. They could be smoothie variations

  5. I joined the century club last summer by performing a funky-chicken using 100 different variations for holding the seat such as overhand, underhand, two handed, x-handed, forehand, backhand, pinky-out, thumbs-up, middle finger, palm only, wrist, “lefty”, seat-post, greasy seat-post, the stranger, speed-shifting, around the hump, the white knuckler, rosebud, reach-around, etc. I of course did each variation 3 times to make it legit. #centuryclub

  6. BTW, “the stranger” is where you lay on your arm until it goes numb so that when you’re doing a funky-chicken it feels like someone else is holding the seat.

  7. It’s most likely a means for personal motivation and the message was lost or misconstrued because of how it was expressed.

    At my age it does feel like it takes close to a ‘century’ for my body to recover after riding…no membership required.

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