Scott Powell – Decade Anthology Bonus: BB NB Triple Wiper

Decade Anthology: BB NB Triple Wiper from scott powell on Vimeo.

Like me did you think the amazing Scott Powell Decade Anthology series was over? It turns out we have a few days left. The man can’t be stopped! Scott explain all:

“Bars Backwards Brakeless Triple Windshield Wiper.
This is one of two variations that although is at the highest of difficulty levels, I could not seem to find a place that fit “right” into the Anthology, so I am releasing these now as a “B-side” due to the request from several riders.
*NOTE* In the video I am running a 35mm stem and a 26mm offset fork. With the bars backwards (reverse) it completely changes the center of balance for the trick; virtually forcing you to re-learn the trick over.”

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