Scott Powell – Down Under —- LEFT

Down Under — LEFT from scott powell on Vimeo.

Scott Powell just dropped a part from his “Landscapes” filming and explains all…

“2 years ago Simon O’Brien asked me to contribute a video part for his full feature “Landscapes.” Highly honored to be asked to participate in one of his projects, I accepted and began filming. Realizing that my riding would be showcased besides Simon and Viki — both master-riders — i knew that I had my work cut out for me. While filming I had 2 goals in mind: first, I knew that I had to “think out side of the box” in order to provide a good riding style contrast from Simon and Viki. Second, instead of being limited to only decades, I decided to incorporate them into a widely diverse group of tricks with hopes of displaying a more diverse mastery of the bike.
I have split and re-edited the footage that I submitted for Simon’s “Landscapes” Here is the first of two re-finished projects.
Special Thanks to Thaiger Adanoldo for camera work.”

7 thoughts on “Scott Powell – Down Under —- LEFT

    • That is OK… I made all of these decade variations up years ago, and put them out in various forms so that others can learn and expand on the concepts. That is what freestyle is…. Imitate, duplicate, modify, and recreate!

  1. Killer smooth style! Love the casual undertakers thrown into the mix.
    In addition to the sick riding, that driveway spot is the bomb! If I had a spot like that, my yard would be overgrown and the bills would be piling up!

  2. Scott is the man!!!!! Sorry to the others but Scotts part in Landscapes is MY favorite.So different.If you havent gottten Landscapes please do,it is AMAZING!

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