6 thoughts on “Scott Powell- How to G-Turn

  1. Its one of those Tony Strickler frames. One thing confused me on this video, the g strings, werent g strings, that was g turn to pinky squeaks, two different things, g strings is g turn to backwards whiplashes basically.
    Besides that, video was awesome, personally I love how-tos…They are awesome for a lot of people who wish to learn.

  2. Hopefully this edit helps out some riders with G-turns, and I especially hope hope street riders find use of this.
    The frame I am riding was made by Tony Strikler (mountaintop fabrications) He can custom make just about any frame or bars you would want, and his attention to detail is superb. Next, I call G-turn to any trick a G-string, but you are correct, a G-string is G-turn into backwards whiplashes into whatever. Good memory!

  3. Thanks you Effraim for posting it up. Thanks Scott for taking the time to explain in great detail. I have been able to promote this video to many other sites.It is being seen by many people so I am sure it will fall into the eyes of the people that need it most. I did remove the G-String Text so as not to cause any confusion for anyone.Thanks Howard for the constant support!

    Keep on Riding!

  4. LOL @ "BITCH!!!!" at 3:48…HAHAHAHA!!!!! Who was that gettin pissed in the background????

    Love the edit. I like to think of gturns as a endo where you hold yourself up going into it(and out) instead of just kicking your back tire around. There's 'inside' and 'outside' holding (center of body on left or right of frame/stem) that changes the dynamic of the trick as well.

    I find that teaching people to understand that turning the wheel 'inside' of the trick will pop the back up and turning 'outside' will force you down. This is how i learned to keep my back end up. Its a 'cheat' to help you keep it up instead of focusing on where your shoulders/weight are in entirety.

    btw scott every time you do a gturn I think your going to re-turbine forward out of backwards…looks real clean 🙂

    I did that same pinky squeak combo…but never pulled a double before I took the brakes off !! Super nice!!!

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