Scott Powell – January 2014

january 2014 from scott powell on Vimeo.

Scott just dropped this amazing edit he has been sitting on since January, heres the word from the man himself:

“Back in early January this year, a young Brazilian rider named Mateus Beckmann did a trick in an edit that made me really stoked. I wondered how difficult it would be to do, so I began a quest to learn it. Along the way I picked up several variations of the trick and came up with some of my own–here are just a few of the results…. Enjoy”

22 thoughts on “Scott Powell – January 2014

  1. You know this trick was done in the late 80’s, it hard to keep up with thousands of riders have done stuff without being film. The riding was sick and the variation of the stem decade was kick ass! Nice riding Scott!

  2. Props to all who are doing it, you each have distinct style and are responsible for motivating my ass to get off the couch. Scott P. is a Jedi Master!

  3. Its quite simple. Some people are relevant and some try to stay relevant . Yull is a beast! Love this guy and all he does as a father and flatland rider. Get it homie. You kill it every time man!

  4. First, I would like to say thank you to anyone who took time out of their day to watch my edit–I am truly grateful. Next, let me clarify some of the confusion. The root trick that this edit was based on is the stem-decade (or stemade) which John did a while back. When I saw Mateus do the candy-bar version in one of his edits last December it “lit me up,” made me wonder how difficult it would be to do the bar-split version. I thought it had a unique look and seemed much more challenging than the basic version.
    So I began my quest. Having decades “on lock” allowed me to quickly fire out several versions of the trick. While learning the obvious versions, more advanced techniques/combos began popping into my head. So during January I learned about 2 dozen versions of the stemade and filmed most of them. I took 10 that made a good variety and seemed worth watching, then created this edit.
    The name “Mate-ade” (a tribute) can either be seen as the name of the edit, or the name of the version that Mateus did (no brake bar-split stem decade) that sent me on my journey.

  5. Great job, Scott! Nobody has exclusive rights to that trick so don’t listen to the BS the haters are saying. I doubt there’s anyone out there who has done all these variations. Awesome video!

  6. Having fun on a bike not doing the same tricks every day is a good thing in my book. Looks like that’s what Scott did. Good job Scott, I like the last link!

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