Scott Powell – Stabilized

stabilized from scott powell on Vimeo.

“In the same breath, I would very much like to thank Martti for the inspiration and curse him for opening the can of worms which detoured me from my current riding projects. Stabilized is my new interpretation of some classic tricks—brakeless & stable (non-rolling).”

5 thoughts on “Scott Powell – Stabilized

  1. Mr. Powell that was some awesome riding & I love your DTT frame. What is it? Who makes it? Where would I go to get one?

  2. Kyle,
    I had 2 DTT frames made about 6 yrs ago by MTF (mountain top fabrication) identical–except 1 has mounts the other has no mounts.
    We examined an RLII, ozone, and one he had made for another rider and took the best qualities of each —combining them to create my frames.
    i do not think he has made anything for BMX in some time as motocross has stolen his attention… :/
    but it is amazing that the frames are still perfect after all the beating I have given them!

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