5 thoughts on “Scott’s Bicycle Grips Testimonial

  1. Very interested in a blk pair of pleasure grips! I’ll be contacting you asap!!! Can’t wait to try these Scott. You might be on to something here, I’ve been on bizhouse gym grips for years same pair,longevity is what I’m looking for, question “how do they hold up to sweaty hands?

  2. Thanks for your order Chris! I hate when my hands get sweaty in the summer and I usually use the bottom of my shirt(like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds) to wipe my grips. They all wipe easily- no mushroom lines or much detail for sweat to get trapped in.

    When your grips get especially oily- like after eating pizza at a jam- it’s good to use hand sanitizer to degrease them once in a while. Sweat or rubbing alcohol will not hurt these grips at all if that’s what you meant. Silicone is awesome! If the grips feel slippery they just need cleaning.

  3. Scott I’ve just put these to the test for hours, anyone wanting a good strong yet comfortable grip these are for you! Anyone missing the gym grips? These are even better I’m already sold on these!!!! So help out a fellow flatlander and give these a try! Seriously Scott is on to something here! So thank you Scott for getting me them so quickly,can’t wait to show them off this weekend at the bmx show here in Indy!! Rider4Life. PS looking forward to the other 2 designs as well!

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