4 thoughts on “Scotty Cranmer covers the Voodoo Jam

  1. So cool. Refreshing outsider perspective.

    Never appreciated Dom’s one handedness until this video. Always watching his feet!

  2. Definitely different seeing a park rider comment in such a positive way about flat. But, I also liked that Scotty mentioned all forms of Bmx & how he wants it all to grow. And the fact that over the years I’ve heard of riders , from the other forms talk down flat, that says good things about Scotty. Oh, great riding to, haha!.

  3. Crazy thing is , like 8 minutes before the finals ……..I was frantically walking around the whole venue , up AND down stairs , haha ….trying to find a good spot to watch the top 14 shred…….then …..out of no where I ran smack dab into Scotty ! Haha , I said…….ummmm , Scotty Cranmer !!! He smiled and said , yeah , its me ! He was about to go up to the stage by the judges to film this edit . I reminded him of the time he was in San Antonio , early September in 2007 , doing a bmx demo with the Hell On Wheels BMX trick team @ South Park mall , and how after the demo he was riding FLATLAND with Diego Tejada , myself , some other riders from here……….I reminded him also how he was rolling NOSE MANUALS multiple parking spaces during our session ! Like Gabe Kadmiri now…….Scotty had 360 TAILWHIP hops on FLAT GROUND , too ! That was like his third trick into joining our session , right after their demo . Hes such a cool , positive guy . Im stoked he was @ Flatland Voodoo Jam this year to show love , support ,AND film one hell of an edit !! Damn , Flatland Voodoo Jam was SO dope this year ! Im STILL buzzing about the whole experience .

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