Sebastian Grubinger – Ease


Sebastian Grubinger just published this sweet end of year “Ease” edit, filmed in Vienna Austria, heres what he say:

“2015 was turbulent. Not always in a untroubled, peaceful or painless way. Over and over I had to relearn to look forward and keep going my way. Memories will stay but, like these clips, it’s good to leave things in 2015.”

Look out for the backwards facing pedal 5 to double backwards downside whiplash at 00:57! Beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Sebastian Grubinger – Ease

  1. How does this have only two replys? Oh yeah, it’s not flashy enough for the mainstream, no turbining and no spinning… Whatever, since when was Flatland, or BMX for that matter meant to be mainstream? Did people not realize that a backwards whiplash is really difficult? Let alone a double out of a backwards pedal five? There once was a time we couldn’t believe Mark Eaton pulling a double backwards Whiplash with brakes. Now people don’t care. I’m starting to lose hope!
    Anyway, great edit, great tricks Wastl!

    • mike s ,you’re not alone in lovin this type of Flatland. pure rad if you ask me. once again he drops an edit that I can’t stop watchin ( I’ve been trying a backyard link like one of these that he does for so so long and lord knows if i’m gonna get it, still gonna keep trying) so don’t despair this is real flat done by a real flatlander . peace

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