Sebastian Grubinger on Maxxis


Every so often a bit of sponsorship news or edit passes me by and that is the case here. Sebastian Grubinger is now riding for Maxxis via German and Austria distribution, I dropped him a message to see what he had to say about the new hook up:

“Maxxis are hooking me up for 2016. I’m really stoked to be riding these tyres now. With the grifter foldable tyres I found a light tyre that works really well for flatland.”

Head over to the @flatmatters instagram for a short promo clip from Sebastian.

2 thoughts on “Sebastian Grubinger on Maxxis

  1. last tire i can remember they F’ed with was the “Miracle” slick tire for Dave Mirra way back!!!! great to see a big company invest in flatland again, hopefully with sponsoring Walst & Lee Mussellwhite, they’ll have a new flatland specific bi-directional design soon…

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