Sebastian Grubinger – Purge Date

SEBASTIAN GRUBINGER – PURGE DATE from Sebastian Grubinger on Vimeo.

Whilst Sebastian Grubinger was clearing his hard drive to allow more photos and videos of his new born child, he found a bunch of left over footage from last year. Enjoy this one and get hyped for some new footage of Sebastian this year!

9 thoughts on “Sebastian Grubinger – Purge Date

  1. Love this guys style and creativity. I wonder if he has ever run into pedestrians with all that backwards stuff? That could be an interesting video in itself…

  2. Everything in here is fantastic – music included. I am hugely drawn to the tire bounce stuff. It just seems irreverent but at the same time flows in wonderfully. Bravo!

  3. That x-leg backwards facing manual ………I swear one of the hardest rolling positions EVER created , man …… it bugs me out every time I see it ………then to be linking it combos , as if it weren’t difficult enough on its own , haha. Crazy . Always a treat watching his riding , super hard / technical / original .

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